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2018 Honda Civic

2018 Honda Civic

2018 Honda Civic

  • Total out of pockets cost: $999
  • Total Mileage 12,000 per year
  • 36 Month Lease $169 **plus tax
  • The 2018 Civic Sedan features aggressive lines and refined features that make the car stand out from the crowd.

    The Civic Sedan has grown up, and features the most comfortable and sophisticated interior of any Civic ever.

    With up to 174 horsepower*, a fully independent suspension and two choices of transmissions, Civic Sedan was designed with performance in mind.

    Civic Sedan offers three cloth and three leather interiors, each bringing its own sophisticated flair to the cockpit.

    With 60/40 split fold-down rear seats and a spacious trunk, Civic Sedan offers plenty of cargo options from picking up groceries to setting out for a long weekend.

    Wet boots. Muddy shoes. Dog hair. No problem. All-Season Floor Mats act as a protective layer between nature and your original carpets.